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Why should I buy an aluminum boat over a fiberglass boat?

  • Fiberglass boats do not have the strength of a Hanko boat. If a fiberglass boat hits an underwater obstruction it will be damaged and the cost of repair is outrageous. Finding a fiberglass repair shop is not that easy (there are not many out there). Upon being fixed, the boat will always have a weak spot which can cause unseen internal rotting. Hanko boats can be easily fixed and repaired because of the well built marine grade aluminum hull (not a big deal).
  • You simply can not customize the inside configuration of a fiberglass boat. What ever the dealer has on the lot is what he or she will try to sell you. The dealer must pre buy these boats (floor plan) and pay interest on the product as it sits in the showroom. Of course you can order a different color or size, but the customer does not have very many options. Hanko’s lets each customer design the inside of the boat. Every boat you see on our web site has a custom built interior. We actually bring each customer into the shop and layout the floor plan.  The customer gets exactly what he or she wants.  The customer designs the layout, deck sizes, console configurations, tank capacity, electronics, colors, and engine size etc……….Satisfaction is “guaranteed”.
  • Fiberglass boats are a losing investment. As soon as you drive the boat off of the lot the value goes down from that day.  Face the facts, if a fiberglass boat sits uncovered in the sun for 6 – 8 years you will have weathered damage to the boat.  The longer you own the boat the more the value goes down.  Hanko boats hold their value.  Look around for a used Hanko boat.  There are not many for sale.  If you can find one they usually are not at a cheap price.  The accessories installed in the boat will actually decrease in value (that is the case for any boat).  Hanko boats are built from high quality marine grade aluminum and are built to last a life time.  In some cases the customer actually profits from the resale.
  • Aluminum boats require very little maintenance.  No more worries, no need to have bumpers tied along the sides of the boat when docking.  No cleaning, buffing and waxing after a long day of fishing or boating.  No special shoes to be worn inside of the boat.  No need of worrying about your gel coating while approaching underwater reefs or sand bars.  Simply rinse your boat out and leave it in your yard.
  • Easy additions of options. We can add or subtract boxes, live wells, consoles, decks, racks, etc…… You can not add options to your aluminum boat whenever and however you want.  Many customers order a “plain boat” and add different items at a later time.
  • Warranty issues are a very big issue for fiberglass boats. The customer must leave the boat with the dealer for weeks if not months for repairs. In some cases, the customer must actually bring the boat to the factory without compensation for fuel costs. Hanko’s is a family owned and operated company that takes great pride in the name that we have become in the marine industry. We make sure to have the customer in and out ASAP.  Hanko V bottom boats come with a 5 or 10 year hull warranty.

How do I order a Hanko Boat?

  • Ordering a custom boat can be intimidating but not with Hankos.
  • The customer can call, email, or comes to our facility – We will show him our line up of boats a discuss options.
  • We have many pictures of previous successful built boats on our walls in our show room to chose from and have boats in the yard to view as well.
  • Our sales staff will listen to your needs and create a simple hand sketched drawing for your approval.
  • The salesman will go thru all the options you may want or need in your boat and price out accordingly.  The salesman will work up the price, discuss, and review the boat.
  • We require a 40% deposit of the total price to start the project.
  •  We contact the customer after the bare hull is complete (1/2 way point) to make sure that nothing has changed.  The customer if local comes to our facility to actually layout the floor plan, pick out the color scheme, add or subtract from the original order.  Out of state or out of town customers will be emailed a full scaled drawing and pictures of the boat.