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Why should I buy an aluminum boat over a fiberglass boat?

  • Simply put, Fiberglass boats do not have the strength and trustworthiness of a Hanko boat. If a fiberglass boat collides with an underwater obstruction it causes considerably more damage than it would to an aluminum hull boat, and the cost of fiberglass repair is expensive. To make things worse, fiberglass repair shops are becoming ever more difficult to find. And a fiberglass repair leaves a forever weaker area in the hull that could lead to further internal damage. Hanko boats can be easily repaired due to our well-built marine grade aluminum hull and without undermatching the original structural integrity.
  • Customization of a new fiberglass boat is mostly non-existent or extremely limited at the absolute best. Stock models with the manufacture’s amenities are the buyers only option. Hanko’s allows each customer to custom design the interior layout of their boat. Hanko’s believes the customer should not only have all the amenities that suit their needs, but also have them in the location of the boat that they require. Deck sizes, console configurations, tank capacity, electronics, live wells, racks, colors, and engine size are only a few of the options presented to the customer. Our expert staff can contribute in the layout process to safeguard that every decision is viable and will lead to a useful and pleasing product.  Some customers start with a simple layout and have the option to easily add amenities later as needed. A “tailor made” boat guarantees customer satisfaction.
  • Fiberglass boats rapidly lose value from the moment you pull it off the dealer’s lot and continue to lose value at an expeditious rate from that day forward. The sun’s UV rays are brutal to fiberglass causing daily weathered damage. A Hanko aluminum boat is a considerably wiser investment with an unprecedented resale value. With lifetime customer satisfaction, there is a minimal number of used Hanko boats for sale. And sometimes selling for more than the original cost.
  • Hanko Aluminum Boats are built for life and require surprisingly little maintenance.  Our boats are not fragile with for less worries like needing to have bumpers when docking.  No special foot ware required while enjoying your boat.  No need to worry about a gel hull coating while approaching underwater reefs or sand bars.  No cleaning, buffing and waxing needed after a long day of boating.  Simply transfer from use to storage with peace of mind.
  • Warranty issues are present with fiberglass boats. These issues are rarely resolved in a timely manner. Hanko Boats is a family owned and operated company and we take great pride in our 35+ year reputation of reliable customer satisfaction in the marine industry. Our practically indestructible boat hulls come with up to a 10-year warranty. A lifetime of rewarding fun on the water is what Hanko Boat owners enjoy.

How do I order a Hanko Boat?

  • Ordering a custom-built boat from Hanko’s is an easy non-intimidating process.
  • The customer can call us, email us, or visit our facility – We will show our impressive lineup of boat models and discuss all available options.
  • Our sales staff will listen to your needs and create a simple layout for your approval with cost projection and a turnaround time frame.
  • We will contact the customer after the bare hull is completed at the halfway point of the overall construction process to provide an opportunity to make any changes to the final layout.